Hope-Net has long been proud of its extensive, original Food Link program highlighted by its Food of the Month efforts and other donations. This program provides so many in our community with a direct, hands-on way to fight hunger and food insecurity.

Yet, because the volume of food needed by our 13 pantries is so extensive, a direct, tax-deductible, financial contribution often is more effective and offers Hope-Net the flexibility to best use your donation to support our operations.

Over 90 cents of every dollar donated to Hope-Net directly reaches those in need.  Your financial contributions help Hope-Net effectively procure more food and efficiently transport, stock, and distribute that food throughout our community.

We appreciate any amount of support you can provide as a steward of Hope-Net’s ongoing mission to fight hunger in our community.

Contributions by check can be mailed to:

760 S. Westmoreland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Hope-Net is also pleased to accept donations via PayPal for your convenience. Please follow the link above for access. 

You can also support Hope-Net’s ongoing activities as a Hope-Net Angel. Your contributions can help support our extensive network benefiting thousands in our community:

  • A $50 contribution helps Hope-Net’s for a Day
  • A $250 contribution helps Hope-Net’s for a Week
  • A $1,000 contribution helps Hope-Net’s for a Month
  • A $12,000 contribution helps Hope-Net’s for a Year