Starting in 1988 with one regularly scheduled food pantry and eight other sites offering "emergency food as available," Hope-Net now operates 13 food pantries in the metro Los Angeles area.

Since inception, Hope-Net’s food pantries have served over 2 million people and continue to have a positive impact in our community.

2008 2009 % Change
Clients Served 145,000 256,000 + 77%
Pounds of Food Distributed 860,710 1,667,511 + 94%
Meal Equivalent 504,784 751,896 + 49%

Most Hope-Net clients are not homeless but need supplemental food to keep from going hungry.  Most live on fixed or very low incomes and face food insecurity on a regular basis.  Hope-Net food pantries are committed to treating each client with dignity and respect while being sensitive to local ethnic cooking traditions.  Pantries also seek to provide as much healthy and nutritious food as possible. 

Hope-Net food pantries are operated by dedicated volunteers who contribute more 16,000 hours of their time annually.  The work of these generous volunteers is supported by Hope-Net’s professional staff.

Hope-Net is proud not only of what we do but how we do it.  Hope-Net ensures that all pantries are safe and hospitable places for those coming in need.

The following chart highlights the number of people served by Hope-Net pantries since 2007: